Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Storm Damage

It took me more than a year to write and six months to edit, but it’s finally here: STORM DAMAGE. Storm Damage is the sequel to my first novel, The Gathering Storm, that I published on Kindle in 2011. I should have had this one out sooner but I’m going to use my children’s book, Solar System Forecast, published in 2012, as the excuse for why this one was a bit of a wait.

The title for Storm Damage comes from the after effects of what was wrought by the choices made in The Gathering Storm. Evelyn’s entrance into the family could be seen as a long-lost addition or as her having wedged her way in, depending on the perspective of the family member. Even though her intentions were innocent, her choice of a mate and even her mere existence are a heartache for her new mother-in-law and brother-in-law. But they are not the only ones who find themselves damaged in the new book; because even those for whom the sun seems to shine more brightly will find dark days ahead.

To illustrate the theme of storm damage, a quick excerpt from the book:

“Before her was a stunning and breathtaking sight. She inhaled sharply, drawing the cold air into her lungs. An enormous oak tree towered in the clearing, but its once majestic form had been partially dismembered, probably in the great wind storm of a few months before. Its midsection had been cleaved in two, and the two halves of the tree seemed to be barely held together by its thick base. The tree’s beauty and strength had been shattered, but it was still alive and had been left in the garden as a memory of the storm. The tree looked grotesque among all the surrounding beauty.

There, sitting on a bench beneath the tree, was…”

 You get the idea.

Even though this book was just published, the real work begins now. I have at least one more book to write to complete Evelyn’s saga. It’s time for me to go back to 1912 and pick up where I last left Evelyn. Wish us strength, we’re going to need it.
The second book in the story of Evelyn is Storm Damage.

The first book in the story of Evelyn is The Gathering Storm.

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